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Sand ArtSand Art
Skola Toys Sand Art
Rs. 715 Rs. 795
Save Rs. 90
Sandpaper Letters Upper CaseSandpaper Letters Upper Case
Save Rs. 160
Cascade carsCascade cars
Skola Toys Cascade cars
Rs. 1,435 Rs. 1,595
Save Rs. 185
Building BlocksBuilding Blocks
Skola Toys Building Blocks
Rs. 1,660 Rs. 1,845
Save Rs. 195
Sight Words Step and Slide EnglishSight Words Step and Slide English
Save Rs. 130
Word WheelWord Wheel
Skola Toys Word Wheel
Rs. 1,165 Rs. 1,295
Save Rs. 90
Flowers and the BeeFlowers and the Bee
Save Rs. 90
Sandpaper Letters Lower CaseSandpaper Letters Lower Case
Save Rs. 60
Skola Toys Bino-Colours
Rs. 535 Rs. 595
Save Rs. 55
Sandpaper Tracing NumbersSandpaper Tracing Numbers
Save Rs. 90
Popsicle PatternsPopsicle Patterns
Save Rs. 45
Alphabet Finger PuppetsAlphabet Finger Puppets
Save Rs. 90
Animal Puzzle BlocksAnimal Puzzle Blocks
Save Rs. 120
House of PatternsHouse of Patterns
Skola Toys House of Patterns
Rs. 1,075 Rs. 1,195
Save Rs. 80
Sock Twins ColoursSock Twins Colours
Save Rs. 55
Coloured BeetlesColoured Beetles
Save Rs. 50
Sequencing Puzzle TrainSequencing Puzzle Train
Save Rs. 95
Dinosaur Number MazeDinosaur Number Maze
Save Rs. 190
Vowel CarsVowel Cars
Skola Toys Vowel Cars
Rs. 1,705 Rs. 1,895
Save Rs. 100
Memory GameMemory Game
Skola Toys Memory Game
Rs. 895 Rs. 995
Save Rs. 155
Peg and AddPeg and Add
Skola Toys Peg and Add
Rs. 1,390 Rs. 1,545
Save Rs. 50
Skola Toys Tailor
Rs. 445 Rs. 495
Save Rs. 95
Locking BlocksLocking Blocks
Save Rs. 100
Rainbow RoofsRainbow Roofs
Skola Toys Rainbow Roofs
Rs. 895 Rs. 995

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