Arise Awake

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The book, ‘arise, awake: the inspiring stories of 10 young entrepreneurs who graduated from college into a business of their own’ is an inspirational book that reveals the success stories of 10 youngsters who instead of taking up a job opted for entrepreneurship and achieved success. This book not only PEEPS in their lives but also demonstrates various skills that are required for achieving success on the business front. It has been written by Rashmi Bansal in an engaging tone and published by westland books.Only a few have the strength to defy conventions and start something of their own in this frantic corporate world of today. This book shares stories of individuals who took visionary decisions which led them on their path to create successful ventures. It includes stories of 'in open technologies' That was established by rupesh Shah. A graduate from IES Alwar, rupesh showed immense faith in open source technologies and designed a product that increases efficiency of teaching methods. Aruj Garg started the food chain, ‘bhukkad’ which focuses on fast food which is natural and healthier. A CA Final student, apurva Joshi learnt the potential of fraud risk assessment during her internship at indiaforensic and decided to tap this potential by creating her own agency fraudexpress. Eshwar vikas and Sudeep sabat were students at SRM engineering college in Chennai when they realized the untapped market of dosa machine, which is why they founded 'dosamatic'. Anurag Arora established Ganpati facilities during his stay at icfai business School in Pune. He was fed up by the horrible facilities provided by their hostel and decided to create his own hostel and thus Ganpati facilities was born. This book includes other such inspiring tales which will satiate your senses if you're excited by the idea of entrepreneurship.