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 MSME business owners and startup founders face numerous challenges while running their businesses. They start off setting up the business with a lot of passion. However, they are not able to grow the business in a planned way. Successful business journey is not a path filled with rose petels nor is it filled with the thorns. The business person should nevigate carefully with the right set of tools along with the appropriate skills and knowledge.

This book written in  a simple language provides the readers plenty of business insights with relevant practical examples. The business owners will get few new ideas and much stronger will power to grow their businesses multi-fold.

This book takes the readers through different areas of business management like defining the business, developing a business strategy, preparing a business plan , knowing the difference between business development, marketing and sales management, operational excellence, human resources, innovation, business stress etc among few other subjects.

The need to write this book is based on the interviews and interaction the author had with over 1000+ MSME business owners. This book will be highly useful and helpful to the MSME business owners and startup founders.