Chelli's Cook Shelf

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“Chelli’s cook shelf” by Saraswathy Ganesh is truly a collection of a family heirloom perfected over years. The book is a customized chronicle to be treasured. All the recipes are traditional and ancient even and are sure to cater to the varied taste buds of the readers. Many of the recipes either evoke an emotion or trigger a sensory experience.

Known for her indulgence as a hostess, the hundred odd recipes is a testament to the author’s credentials in the kitchen. Every recipe, along with the accompanying photograph, has been prepared by the author herself and garnished with a personal touch. Every item also carries an unique ancestral heritage.

“An ideal wedding gift to a newly married couple” is how the author’s close friend summarized her review of the book. The book promises an elevated culinary experience for all those who try out the recipes!