Great Minds, Great Words

A Dictionary Of Inspiring Quotations

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During the course of our schoolwork. whether we are learning about science,language, mathematics or social studies, we read about many different people and their contributions to life and the world. Through them, we learn about ability, character. creativity, success and truth. We learn about the importance of using opportunities not only to make our life more comfortable physically but also to grow mentally, morally and spiritually. 

In this book are gathered together quotations by many famous thinkers and writers on a variety of topics from attitude to education, from forgiveness to faith, from money to work. Each category presents many different points of view. You may agree with some and disagree with others. But reading different opinions on the same subject broadens the mind and strengthens our own ideas about it. So read this book right through, in one sitting, if you wish. It could be a very enjoyable exercise! On the other hand, you could dip into the book from time to time or consult it when you need to write about one of these tapics, or even when you need some advice or guidance. There is space at the very end for you to record your favourite quotations.