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Time always flows in a cycle. The Light Is Fading. Kaizad Has Taken Over Sealand.And The Equilibrium Is In Peril! As fate turns against Arya, and he is thrown headlong in the thick of things, Arya finds himself becoming an unwilling but important participator.With the Warlord gathering his troops, the lines between darkness and light are blurring faster than Arya can separate their strands. And with his origins suspected, given that only a Saatvika can wield the Ring, Arya has to embrace his destiny as the Maayukh, the wielder of the five elements.But what if he does not find a way to emerge from the shadows and get the right answers?From Christopher Percy to Kaizad and from Arya to Maayukh, Emergence—the second in The Avaasya Trilogy—recounts the journey of Percy and Arya as each is forced to transform and come out of his cocooned self in order to bring the balance needed to hold the world together.