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Geronimo Stilton is a mouse who lives in New Mouse City, Mouse Island. He is an author and works as an editor and journalist at The Rodent’s Gazette, a fictional newspaper in New Mouse City. He is a mild-mannered, nervous mouse who prefers the quiet life but ends up embarking on adventures with his younger sister Thea Stilton, cousin Trap Stilton and his favorite nephew Benjamin Stilton. Aunt Sweetfur joins them occasionally. The Quest For Paradise: The Return To The Kingdom Of Fantasy is part of the special edition series of Geronimo Stilton stories that are written autobiographically by Geronimo. This book chronicles Geronimo’s journey back to the Kingdom of Fantasy on the Queen of Fairies’ request to find the real Heart of Happiness. He must first find the Map of Paradise which was lost in Land of Ogres. He successfully retrieves the map. Now, Geronimo and gang must travel on the back of the flying Dragon to the places the map leads him to including the Land of Toys, Land of Sweets, Land of Gold and Land of Fairy Tales. On his way, he collects 32 crystal keys one of which will unlock the door holding the Heart. Geronimo makes the book interactive by including code reading and asking readers to find the crystal keys with him. As part of his journey, Geronimo also lists many ways to make friends and keep them. With its colorful text and illustrations, the book has managed to capture the attention of many kids.