India: The Shackled Giant

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India is one of the largest economies in the world today. India's finance minister has predicted it would be the third largest by 2030. Yet, an average Indian is worse off than his counterpart in other developing nations like Algeria, Indonesia, Mongolia and Morocco. India's infant mortality rate is worse than Iraq's. An average Indian makes less money than a Sri Lankan. The female literacy rate is worse than Congo's. And life expectancy in one of the world's polluted countries is lower than Bangladesh's. How can we explain this dichotomy? This is the India that the government does not want you to know about: the India where healthcare doesn't work, corruption is rampant, criminals get elected to public office, the rich go scot-free, most people don't pay income taxes and inequality is out of control. Dev Kar, a former senior economist at the International Monetary Fund, points out the truth behind the noise of popular media and jingoism of leaders. Meticulously researched and objectively narrated, this enlightening book tells us why India continues to be a shackled giant and how it can find the road to redemption.