Its All About The Click

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Meet Mitali, a young IT professional working in Bangalore who decides to take a plunge into the complex world of matrimonial websites to find herself the perfect life partner, only to be sucked right into a quagmire of stereotypes, insane expectations, and outrageous demands. After dozens of excruciating interviews, heartbreaking rejections, and obnoxious feedbacks, she finally meets a guy who ticks off all the boxes on her checklist and agrees to marry him . . . things seem to finally be working for her. But destiny had something else in mind for her. When an old high school flame enters the picture right on the heels of Mitali's fiance, throwing her heart and her life up in turmoil, Mitali finds herself in the centre of a crazy whirlwind that lands her in a police station in the dead of the night, two days before she is set to get married. Will Mitali be able to get out of the mess she has unwittingly created? Will she find the love her heart yearns for? Will she find that elusive 'click'?.