Malgudi Days

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This is a collection of R. K. Narayan’s best stories, in which the fictitious town, Malgudi, springs to life with characters that will remain in your heart forever. Summary of the Book- In this collection, R. K. Narayan’s best works have been collected under three different sections: From an Astrologer’s Day, From Lawley Road and New Stories.* Collector’s Note, The titles contained in the section, From an Astrologer’s Day are: An Astrologer's Day, The Missing Mail, The Doctor's Word, Gateman's Gift, The Blind Dog, Fellow-Feeling, The Tiger's Claw, Iswaran, Such Perfection, Father's Help, The Snake-Song, Engine Trouble, Forty-Five a Month, Out of Business, Attila, and The Axe. The stories From Lawley Road are: Lawley Road, Trail of the Green Blazer, The Martyr's Corner, Wife's Holiday, A Shadow, A Willing Slave, Leela's Friend, and Mother and Son. And the New Stories included are: Naga, Selvi, Second Opinion, Cat Within, The Edge, God and the Cobbler, Hungry Child, and Emden.