PMR: Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better

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Summary of the Book - Debashish Roy, fondly called as Deb is a happy-go-lucky college student who has been in casual relationship with many girls. This string of flings continues until he meets Avantika and falls in love with her. But Avantika dumps Deb just when he is deeply in love with her more than ever. This twist takes a toll on his studies. What happens after Deb and Avantika part ways? This book is followed by three other books in the series. The second is Now That you’re Rich, Let’s Fall in Love! The third book is She Broke Up, I Didn’t... I just kissed someone else! Followed by the fourth book You Were My Crush...Till you said you love me! These books have humour, satire and some dark turns and twists, all promising a delightful reading time.