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Author Tilly Bagshawe has taken up from where Tracy Whitney as Sidney Sheldon left off in the previous novel. Now, Tracy has decided not to live like a thief anymore and settle for what she already has. She wants to devote her life to her son and live anonymously. But soon a tragic incident turned her world upside down. Her son Nicholas and best friend Blake died in a car accident. While FBI team tries to convince her that it was an accident, she was somehow certain of it being something else and not a mere accident. Thinking about the strange number 99 that is related to the incident, Tracy finally decides to join FBI and plan to figure out the number and what’s behind it. For the investigation Tracy and Jeff, love of her life and father of her child were thrown together. However, British Intelligence enlisted Jeff just to keep an eye on Tracy and check what she is up to. The story is not solely about the 99 group; it also highlights the complicated love story of Jeff and Tracy. Both of them love each other, but their love can never be the same that it used to be. No matter how they feel for each other, they cannot be together due to current circumstances. The story has mystery, romance, whodunit and an excitement to find out which out of the two lovers will come out on the top. With all these beautifully interwoven threads, the story keeps the reader hooked till the end.