Subhas Brain O’thon GK & Aptitude Book Class 1

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Brain O' Thon for sure contains wide information of General Knowledge Aptitude to engage and excite young minds by unique wiring of rain neurons. Creating  with accordance to the perspective of India and the world around us, the content is well connected to the respective class curriculam, covering various subjects. It kindles an all-round interest in subjects both familiar and unknown, stimulates curiosity and facilities research leading to a sound grasp of facts. Latest and authentic on a diverse range of subjects makes it topical and accurate with a vision to reach NEP 2020 recommendation.

Key Features

Information Knowledge Covered through age appropriate

Importance given for spiral and integrated approach from level to level

Pictorials containing unusual and interesting dogging the brain process

Challenging quizzes and brain teaser to sharpen the learners numerical and logical abilities

Numerous Individual and group based activities that encourage peer learning, collaboration and creative things

Info graphics to expplain the processes to natural, physical or biological phenomena

Word games to enhance language skills

Content along with current affairs with morethan 250 questions supplement the books at each level

OMR -Model Test Papers to help reinforce learing and quiz yourself to aid self evaluation