Subhas Red Bettle Series, Grow with Grammar for Class 4

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The Grow With Grammar series for classes I-VIII, aims to make the process of teaching and learning grammar enjoyable for young learners. It is an effort to make a foundation for learning English, by presenting grammar in a harmonious and effective blend of concepts and lively practices.

Each book in this series is a complete package in itself which covers all four main skills of learning namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. 

So some other salient features of the series are as follows

1. Enhanced explanation with examples for better understanding of grammar concepts

2.Picture-based exercises to add an element of fun

3.Neat, vibrant layout and illustration complements and support the text


We hope that this series will give a jump start to the children in the world of the English language. Teachers and parents will enjoy this series as a teaching tool. Suggestions are welcome to improve this series.