The Khukri Braves

The Illustrated History of The Gorkha

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Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali!' (Hail Goddess Mahakali, here come the Gorkhas) - The war cry of the Gorkhas For 300 years, the Gorkhas of Nepal and India have had a continuous, unique heritage of being celebrated martial defenders with an intact ethnic composition. The Gorkha soldiers were forged through the fires of history to become what they are today. The first-ever illustrated history of the Gorkhas, The Khukri Braves portrays the rich history and culture of this gallant community in all its vibrancy. Painstakingly researched and evocatively written by Jyoti Thapa Mani, one of India's best newspaper and magazine designers, this is the first such book by a person of Gorkhali origin. Quotes: 'If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or a Gorkha.' - Late Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, Mc, Ex-Chief Of Indian Army 'Of all the martial groups in human history, none rivals the legend of the Gorkhas. Generals, military historians have sung their praises. This is a rare and fine book by a fellow Gorkha, but a brilliant creative designer not a soldier and that is why [it is] even more valuable.' - Shekhar Gupta, eminent journalist 'The Himalayas have been home to the wise and the brave since time immemorial. The gallant Gorkhas have been among the bravest sentinels across these high mountains. Jyoti Thapa Mani presents an evocative tribute to their history, culture and gallantry in a highly readable, well-researched and handsome volume.' - Sanjaya Baru, Director for Geo-economics and Strategy, International Institute for Strategic Studies