The Tata Saga

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How did Jamsetji Tata win over British resistance to start Tata Steel? How did JRD lose control of Air India? Why did Ratan Tata face opposition to become the chairman of Tata Sons? What happened inside the Taj Hotel on 26/11? The Tata Saga is a collection of handpicked stories published on India's most iconic business group. The anthology features snippets from the lives of various business leaders of the company: Ratan Tata, J.R.D. Tata, Jamsetji Tata, Xerxes Desai, Sumant Moolgaokar, F.C. Kohli, among others. There are tales of outstanding successes, crushing failures and extraordinary challenges that faced the Tata Group. These riveting business stories, by some of India's top writers on the subject, bear testament to the ruthless persistence and grit of the Tata Group and make for an incredible collector's edition.