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This series attempts to introduce mathematical concepts to the child by using different tools to enhance their comprehension of the same. Each topic is introduced with examples from day-to-day life that are easy to visualize along with attractive coloured illustrations to aid their understanding. This is followed by exercises that reiterate the concept to the child and gently nudge them to think of the applications of the topic.

In addition to ensuring a good understanding of each mathematical concept, this series also contains material that enables the student to gain valuable perspectives on concepts. The value of a number, its relation to other numbers in terms of magnitude, its application to real-time data are some of the perspectives that will help the child compare quantities and visualize the same. Concepts like geometry are introduced with plenty of visual illustrations and examples. Number systems that help the child in understanding the units that add value to quantities, their mathematical significance are iterated with examples that are interesting and easy to remember.

We hope that this series helps us achieve our aim of making mathematics 3 fun topic that is easy to absorb, logical to assimilate and effortless to use for students of all classes.