THIRD GIRL (Limited edition)

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Hercule Poirot has solved many murders in his life, but never before has the murderer come to him in person to confess to her crime. So when Norma Restarick comes to him, he’s surprised to say the least. Norma lives with two other girls, an easy arrangement in this age of high house rents, but she believes that she is a murderer. Poirot begins to wonder if she’s either telling the truth or if she has deluded herself into believing this story. However, Norma exclaims that he’s too old and disappears. Puzzled, Poirot only discovers the girl’s identity when Ariadne Oliver, the famous detective novelist, mentions that she once went to a party where she met this woman. Poirot and Oliver team up in this odd case and follow the trail to a murder readers aren’t likely to forget.